Digital bicycle rear-view mirror Ride Safety System RS 1000: safer cycling in the city thanks to artificial intelligence

RS-1000 Security Updates

Alps Alpine takes security and privacy issues very seriously and we do our best to respond to any threat as quickly as possible. Protecting your device and maintaining your trust is our top priority.

In addition to the regular firmware versions, Alps Alpine provides on-the-fly safety updates for the RS-1000 Ride Safety Camera as needed.

Alps Alpine supports firmware security updates for Android Bike Business systems for at least 3 years after market launch starting August 1, 2023.

Each firmware security update includes patches released by Google for security issues related to the Android operating system, as well as patches for specific RS-1000 security issues.

Safety updates for our Ride Safety mobile app are released through official app stores, including Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Alps Alpine Vulnerability Response Team

In order to remedy security vulnerabilities in our products (hereinafter referred to as products of the Alps Alpine, Alps and Alpine brands), Alps Alpine has set up "Alps Alpine-PSIRT" as a point of contact for internal and external communication and coordination.

*Alps Alpine-PSIRT: Alps Alpine-Product Security Incident Response Team

Alps Alpine-PSIRT will work with the relevant departments to verify any vulnerabilities found in our products and is committed to responding as quickly and appropriately as possible.

If you have any questions about the vulnerabilities of our products, please contact us using the form below.

We use your personal data to confirm the content of your request and to report the vulnerabilities. All personal information will be appropriately managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy .