RS-1000 operating instructions

Ride Safety App

To use the RS-1000 bike camera system, please download the Ride Safety App and install it on your cell phone.
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Our video tutorials

In these videos you will learn how to initially connect the camera depending on your cell phone. You will find a textual description in the following chapters.


The camera connects to the hotspot on the cell phone. Several cameras can be linked, but only one can be actively connected at a time. Camera(s) can be connected to the hotspot on the cell phone or to another hotspot (e.g. WLAN router), but the camera(s) and cell phone must be in the same network. Operation via cell phone hotspot is recommended.

Activating the telephone hotspot

Depending on your cell phone, go to the settings for the mobile hotspot and activate it.



Especially when connecting to the iPhone hotspot, there are always questions that we would like to address in the following FAQ.

Connecting the camera to the cell phone

Please switch the camera on using the large button in the center between the LEDs.
A new camera should be in pairing mode. (Vertical and horizontal LEDs flash alternately)
If the camera is not in pairing mode, please press the reset button (small opening next to the SD card slot) for 3 seconds.

Generate QR Code

If a camera is to be connected to the app for the first time, please click "Add new camera" to generate a QR code for the connection.

Enter the hotspot data of your cell phone in the input mask and confirm the entry. A QR code that can be read by the camera is generated and displayed.

Tip: Take a screenshot of the QR code so that you no longer need to enter it manually in future.

Scan QR code

Hold the generated QR code at a distance of approx. 20 cm - 30 cm in front of the lens of the RS 1000 camera until you hear a sound and the camera lights start to circle.

Note: The camera flashes and emits a sound when a connection to the hotspot has been established. Depending on the cell phone used, this may take some time. An active hotspot connection is displayed in the status bar depending on the cell phone.

If the camera switches back to pairing mode, the connection did not work. Please check the hotspot data and try again.

Select camera in app

All cameras found that are available for connection are displayed in a list and can be selected using the purple "Connect" button.

The app now establishes the rear-view mirror connection to the camera.

Click here for the installation and operating instructions for the rear light function:

Digital bicycle rear-view mirror Ride Safety System RS 1000: Cover page of the printed RS 1000 operating instructions

Should it be a little more detailed?

Our new detailed operating instructions contain further useful information on using the RS-1000