Xtend your senses: Ride Safety System RS 1000
Digital rear-view mirror for bicycles
with dashcam and brake light

The first bike camera with AI-based hazard detection and intelligent LED rear light:
our Ride Safety System RS 1000.

For more safety on the bike:
Shoulder view without turning your head

Xtend your senses: The RS 1000 smart rear-view mirror has a rear-view camera with wide-angle optics mounted on the seat post or luggage rack of the bike, which allows you to see all around without turning around. This means you always have a live view of the traffic behind you in excellent HD image quality on your dashcam app at the front of the steering wheel. The AI software warns you of approaching vehicles and other hazards - adapted to the traffic situation. This makes your view to the rear digital and smart, without you having to lose sight of what is happening in front of you by turning your head. In addition to the rear light, RS 1000 also offers a multi-stage brake light for your bike - for even greater road safety and fewer accidents.

Ride Safety System RS 1000: Digital bicycle rear-view mirror

Rear camera

Can be mounted on the seat post or luggage rack of the bike

Digital bicycle rear-view mirror Ride Safety System RS 1000: artificial intelligence (AI) for hazard detection: warning the cyclist

Hazard warning

Detection of rear hazards and automatic warnings

Digital bicycle rear-view mirror Ride Safety System RS 1000: Rear light and brake light for the bicycle

Rear light and multi-stage brake light

StVZO-compliant; for more road safety

Digital bicycle rear-view mirror Ride Safety System RS 1000: smartphone coupling

Dashcam with accident recorder

Intuitive operation via your smartphone

Perfecting the Art of Electronics

Perfecting the Art of Electronics

Alps Alpine, world-renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality electronics in the automotive sector, is now applying its expertise and innovative strength to the world of cycling to raise comfort and safety for bicycles and e-bikes to a new level. For example, it is finally possible to look behind digitally.

Our smart RS 1000 rear-view mirror with automatic hazard assessment analyzes traffic behind with the support of artificial intelligence in real time and warns cyclists of dangerous situations. Its super-bright LED rear light with adaptive brake light makes cycling safer for all road users.

The time has finally come! The RS 1000 smart rear-view mirror for bicycles is now available to order in the Ride Safety Shop!

Download the Ride Safety app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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RS 1000: Outline of the front of the digital rear camera for the bike

of the RS 1000 digital bike camera

449 EUR
Full HD image sensor
Rear light / brake light
Microphone, buzzer
approx. 105 x 33 x 40mm
under 160g
Weather protection
Dust & rain protection (IP55 + IP57)
Connection to on-board electronics of e-bikes or USB-C
Battery life
min. 2h
Free download for iOS and Android
RS 1000 digital rear-view mirror for bicycles: more safety on the road for cyclists